moveRIGHT Small Group Training

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What is moveRIGHT?

moevRIGHT is a small group mobility and strength development program. Six athletes are guided through a progression of exercises designed to address the most common restrictions and weaknesses I’ve encountered over the last 18 years in my coaching practice. And by the way, at moveRIGHT everyone is an athlete.

Common Issues

  • Tight Hip Flexors and Quads
  • Tight Adductor (“groin”) and Hips
  • Weak Glutes and Abs
  • Limited Shoulder Range of Motion
  • Inability to engage Shoulder Blades
  • Weak Triceps and Grip Strength
  • Wrist Restriction
  • Inability to Squat and Hinge
  • … and more

Semi-Private Coaching

A lead coach and an assistant coach guide the group. Coaches demonstrate the exercises clearly and precisely while explaining the purpose of the exercise. Then coaches offer hands-on corrections to each individual. The coach progresses/regresses the exercises based on the level of strength and mobility of each athlete.

Everyone in the pursuit of strength or performance needs to address these limitations. Most people find it no fun to do this training on their own. However, the group coached environment at moveRIGHT makes this a lot more fun.

The Program Structure

Classes are comprised of 25min of mobility work and 25min of strength work. The mobility work prepares the body for the strength work that comes latter. Then even while we do the strength development, mobility drills are completed between each exercises.

The program is on-going with no start or end date so you can join anytime. Athletes purchase packages in 4-week blocks preferably for 2x per week attendance, but many athletes attend 1x per week. It takes at least 4-weeks for a meaningful level of progress to be made. Not to mention learning how to performance the exercises correctly… sometime more depending on the athlete.

Want to try moveRIGHT?

moveRIGHT is currently being offered in Pointe-Claire, Quebec within Club Mansfield. Here is our Online Schedule of classes. You do not need to be a member of Mansfield to join the program. But if you are a member you receive a discount on your class. moveRIGHT athletes get full access to the locker room, towel service and showers as part of their moveRIGHT training session.