2017-Oct-19: Run. Easy with Strides

Training Description

  • Shorthand: 5k(E).8x18s(Str)/54s(wk).5k(E)


  • Practice good quality easy pace running. Making it feel “effortless”
  • Use the strides to activate the fast twitch fibers and help keep the running stride smooth.
  • Prepare the body for the 5k race pace reps I am doing tomorrow


  • 5:00 Warm-Up Jog
  • 5k @ 4:19-4:39/km. 2:00 Walk
  • 8 x [18s Strides @ approx 3:00/km+. 54s Walk]
  • 5k @ 4:19-4:39/km. 2:00 Walk
  • 5:00 Cool-down Jog

The second run on this deload week. Another great run. I can feel my form improving as accumulated fatigue decreases.

Easy pace is feeling really easy. Without trying harder I find myself going faster than before. Strides were really good. Holding the hips high using the muscles above the hips really increases my stride length without overstriding. It is great technique I’ll have to practice sustaining for longer durations.

Post Tibs on both sides are almost 100%. No soreness. BUT (there the “but”) now there is some soreness in the bottom of the right foot. Not really while running. But I feel it during the day. Likely some minor plantar fascitis. I made a HUGE mistake Tuesday by standing all day at my stand-up work station barefoot on a very hard surface. Usually I stand a foam mat to recreate a more natural grass/dirt surface. And alternate that with periods of sitting and breaks during when I move around. However I was too caught in what I was doing that I was stationary for hours at a time. That’s when the soreness started.┬áNothing major, but I’ll need to keep on eye on it.

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