2017-Oct-20: Run. 3×1600@5k

Training Description

  • Shorthand: WU.3×1600(5k)/3:00(wk).CD


  • Learn the feeling of 5k race pace and improve stride mechanics at this particular pace
  • Extend the duration of the effort to >5min. I’ve done 400’s, 800’s and 1200’s previously. And shorter duration play to my strengths so this will challenge more my endurance than my speed.


  • Warm-Up: 5:00 Jog. 3k @ 4:19-4:39/km. 2:00 Walk. 4 x [100m in 18s, 52s Walk]. 3:00 Walk
  • 3 x 1600m @ 3:20/km. 3:00 Walk between reps
  • Cool-Down: 3k @ 4:19-4:39/km. 5:00 Cool-down Jog

#1. 1600m in 5:16.7 (3:18/km).
#2. 1600m in 5:18.7 (3:19/km).
#3. 1600m in 5:13.8 (3:16/km).

It was a Windy day. >23kph winds. So I ran North-South. This way I had a cross-wind all the way in both directions. North (reps 1,3) was more of a cross/headwind. South (rep 2) was more of the a cross/tailwind.

Overall very good run. I didn’t look at the watch durng the reps and ran “by feel”. It seems that I started all the reps too fast and then settled in at a pace a little too slow although it did average out in the end. Next 5k-pace run I need to be more diligent with consistent pacing so that I can get the right feel. Or force myself to do the reserve starting too slow and finishing too fast. The 3k Easy pace during the cool-deown was very smooth. I sign of good progress.

This run was easier for me than 2x3x800. A bit part was definitely that this run was at the end of a deload week instead of a regular week. In the case of the 2x3x800 I did Flat Sprints the day before. However, I was not fully recovered from the Easy+Strides run yesterday. I need to experiment with duration of that run and speed of strides to find what is optimal for me to ensure good muscle activation but no lingering fatigue or soreness.

I have two more key workouts in my 5k prep plan: a 1-Mile Time Trial and 5 x 1k @ 5k-pace with 60s jog between. I’ll adjust duration/intensity of the prep-run the day before and see the results.

There is still some soreness in the bottom of the right foot. But it very manageable. It hurts less when I run than when I stand around during the day. I didn’t really need to think about my foot at all during the run. I have been soaking my feet in hot water daily. I gently roll the plantar fascia with a lacrosse ball and hand-held roller several times per day. Plus I wear shoes all the time to reduce some of the stress on the tissues. I’m not worried.

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