2017-Oct-23: Run. Easy with Strides

Training Description

  • Shorthand: 5k(E).8x18s(Str)/54s(wk).2.5k(E)


  • Practice good quality easy pace running. Making it feel “effortless”
  • Use the strides to activate the fast twitch fibers and help keep the running stride smooth.
  • Normally I would run 5k Easy after the strides. I am decreasing it to 2.5k Easy to see how this impacts the run tomorrow


  • 5:00 Warm-Up Jog
  • 5k @ 4:19-4:39/km. 2:00 Walk
  • 8 x [18s Strides @ approx 3:00/km+. 54s Walk]
  • 2.5k @ 4:19-4:39/km. 2:00 Walk
  • 5:00 Cool-down Jog

With deload week over I am entering a “Competition” block. Although I only have one race on Nov 5th, in the next two weeks I am going to do several time trials: 1600m (Oct 24 – tomorrow), 5k (Oct 27 – Friday), 800m (Oct 31 or Nov 1). Then the 5k race is next Sunday on Nov 5th. The intention here is to challenge myself to do several different races in a short period. To see how long it takes for me to recover from each time trial. And contrast my results at these different distances to help me identify which event is my strongest.

In this run, easy pace is felt really easy. Strides were really good too. I held back on the pace more than I did last Thursday┬áto help limit any fatigue and soreness the next day. I continued to practice holding the hips high using the muscles above the hips. I cane easily do it for 100m. soon I’ll practice sustaining for longer durations. This is a great technical focus during say 200m, 300m or 400m repeats at Mile+ pace.

Now let’s see how today’s run effect the 1600m TT tomorrow!

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