2017-Oct-24: Run. 1-Mile TT

Training Description

  • Shorthand: WU.1mileTT.CD


  • Gauge my overall running fitness. I have done a 1mile TT on this same course twice before: June 1 (5:07.7) and Last Nov (5:09.1). The course is a 1 mile loop of paved road right near my house.
  • Try a different race model for the Mile: Start at Mile pace (or a bit faster) from 0-400m. Purposely back off a bit from 400-800m. Increase pace from 800-1200m (where I normally start to falter). Finally increase again from 1200-1600.
    • A typical Mile race models suggest starting a bit slower from 0-400 (about 2s per 400 than your mile pace). Then increasing to your Mile from 400-800 (to help set up a good 800-1200). Hold it 800-1200 (the hardest part of the race). Then give it all you have from 1200-1600.
    • Since I tend to falter from 800-1200, so I wanted to ensure that I set myself up for a good 800-1200 by going to bit slower from 400-800.
  • Practice following Principle #1 despite high levels discomfort experience during a 1 mile race.


  • Warm-Up: 5:00 Jog. 3k @ 4:19-4:39/km. 2:00 Walk. 4 x [100m in 18s, 52s Walk]. 10:00 Walk
  • 1mile Time Trial
  • Cool-Down: 10:00 Walk. 3k @ 4:19-4:39/km. 5:00 Cool-down Jog

It was a windy (approx 19kph) and wet day. Not optimal for a TT. But it was good practice to deal with the conditions of the day and still run at your best. Headwind for first 400m. Head/cross from 400-800. Tail from 800-1200. Cross/Tail from 1200-1600. I felt my feet slipping on the road from the wetness. Not sure if this is a sign of bad technique or maybe I need shoes with more grip for these conditions.

400m Splits: 71.4s, 76.7s, 74.8s, 70.2s. (Plus an extra 1.9s for the last 10m)
Finish time: 4:55 (3:03/km)

I’m pleased with the results. I am making progress. First time I went under 5min on this course.

The race strategy that I used worked better for me than previous ones. The wind kinda forced me to slow from 400-800 and helped me increase from 800-1200. So the conditions assisted me in sticking to my game plan (although I would have preferred less wind!).

Overall this TT didn’t hurt as much as I expected which is nice. I’m sure the strategy I used was the key to less discomfort. Sometimes the prospect of future pain is a limiter of my performance. This is something I am working hard on improving. Focusing on Principle #1 and Breathing Deep are very helpful for me in this regard.

I am a little disappointed that I didn’t kick at the end. I had a kick in the legs but didn’t do it. Usually when I kick I compact my form a bit and substantially increase cadence changing the working muscles. Although I would have only improved my time by 0.5 or so, kicking is my strength. I need to do it at the end of every race and TT so that I develop the ability to kick despite fatigue and discomfort. It needs to become automatic, not a decision that I have to make!

Next time I will work on holding a faster pace from 400-800 (let’s say a 74-75s 400 instead of 76-77s) while still increasing in the final 800m. I purposely slowed my cadence from 400-800 to slow the speed. I can try to keep it a bit higher next time to preserve more speed.

In the future, especially next season, I am going include more TTs in my training. These force me to practice bringing together all the different components that I practice separately (pacing, running form, mindset, cornering, etc…). Developing the ability to bring your skills together is a skill in itself that needs practice!

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