Weekly Review: Oct 15-21

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Below is the breakdown of my training for the week of October 15-21st. This was a deload week. I started the week with 3 days off in a row. Then I did 3 runs the rest of the week. One of which was an important 5k race-pace workout. I definitely unloaded some of the muscular fatigue and soreness that accumulated over the last 4 weeks. And I feel I maintain my fitness with the runs that I did do. Let’s see the breakdown

Weekly Summary. Oct 15-21“Jog” is slower than easy pace running. I do this for 5min as a WU and CD for each workout.

I ended the week with a 5k-pace workout on Friday: 3 x 1600m @ 5k-pace. Everything went really well. And I did two “activation” Easy + Stride runs on Tuesday and Thursday of 5k Easy, 8 x Strides, 5k Easy.

This helped gain some information about what would be optimal during a pre-race taper in terms of runs leading up to a key race. On Friday, I was not feeling 100% recovered from the Thursday run. During a normal training block this is not a big deal. In fact going into an important run with some fatigue can be beneficial. However, if I want to be fully recovered I need to cut down my activation run a bit. What I am going to try next week is running 2.5k Easy after I do the strides instead of 5k and see if that helps.



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