Posture as a Skill


Posture and Mindset

A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind. – MORIHEI UESHIBA  FOUNDER OF AIKIDO

In sport, Always Remain Stoic. It is Principle #1. Every decision you make and every action you take should support your Stoic State. And your posture is an external representation of your internal state.

When your posture is closed, your shoulders sag, your head drops, your spine flexes. Your hips roll forward, your back is fragile, your legs weak. Your mind will be cloudy, your emotions heavy, your confidence lacking.  Power is lost.

When your posture is open, your shoulders distend, your head protracts, your spine extends. Your hips tilt rearward, your back feels tight, your legs uncertain. Your mind will be cluttered, your emotions scattered, your decisions hurried. Power is misdirected.

When your posture is neutral, your shoulders are square, your head over your spine, your spine straight. Your hips aligned, your back secure, your legs capable. Your mind will be neutral, your emotions in control, your focus clear. Power is intact.

You can train your mind by training your posture. Make your posture reflect the state of mind you want to adopt. Change your posture to change your mindset. Regain control.

Posture and Breathing

To master our breath is to be in control of our bodies and minds – THÍCH NHẤT HẠNH,  ZEN BUDDHIST MONK

In sport, Breathe Deep. Breath is Proactive and Athletic. Air moves downwards, your diaphragm is engaged and your core is supported.

Straighten yourself to align your spine and the depth of your breath will be facilitated. With no interference, breathing deep requires little effort. But when your spine remains flexed or extended, movement of your diaphragm or rib cage is impaired. Breathing becomes a chore. An effort against its natural flow. Breathe becomes shallow and reactive. This is far from optimal.

Control your spine to control your breathing. If you can no longer breathe deep, reorganize your posture then change your breath. Regain it’s depth.

Posture and Movement

In all forms of strategy, it is necessary to maintain the combat stance in everyday life and to make your everyday stance your combat stance. You must research this well. – MIYAMOTO MUSASHI  JAPANESE SWORDSMAN

You are engineered for movement. Your movements carry you through the environment allowing for interactions with different parts of the world. To experience the world you must move. To experience your own body you must move.

Always be prepared for movement. You can not move well unless you start from good posture. If your posture is faulty, your movement will be poor, your breathing impaired.  Optimize your posture to optimize your movement. At every moment you are either reinforcing a good stance or you are establishing a poor stance. When your body is under duress, you will default to what is most ingrained. Will it be a good pattern or a poor pattern? You decide.

Your ability to move naturally is a reflection of your posture’s robustness . Can you stand, squat, hinge, push and pull? And lunge, run and jump? And balance and stabilize equally on both sides?. Improve your posture to improve these movements. Improve these movements to improve your posture. Improvement in sport will follow.

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